Meet the Two Knights
Devon & Somerset Wedding Photographers
Two kindred spirits who photograph because we love to share the beauty of life.

We shoot weddings because there is no day more beautiful.

Photography has run through both Richard and Christina’s lives from an early age. Christina’s father’s extensive camera collection, Richard with his mother’s Ilford Sportsman. Neither made photography their career until Christina had worked in marketing and raised three children and Richard had run a maritime family business…

Those were the Days

Things go in Threes


My business life took me to many lesser known parts of South America for which I will always be grateful but ultimately in a niche market and battling with fewer and fewer prospects, I realised that the company had run its course. A very tough decision to make but one that gave me the opportunity to consider the next chapter in my life.

The freedom and creativity I felt becoming a wedding photographer was incredible and years of frustration melted away. I suddenly found a voice through my pictures. I have always had time for people, their stories fascinate me.  Now not only do I hear their story, I get to photograph it too, the story of their love!

Christina has an incredible work ethic, with great attention to detail and an immensely positive attitude. If asked which she enjoys more, shooting or editing, I’m a Libran she would say, a happy balance is everything to me, so both in equal measure!


It was clearly obvious that Richard in doing his duty running the family business, was not doing what he truly loved. Being a creative with a good eye for photography and a little encouragement from me, Richard trained with the best wedding photographers in the UK and catapulted from amateur to professional.

Earlier we had organised industry events in London, Finland and Croatia and realised that we had a knack of working together. I had trained as a Legal Celebrant meanwhile and almost naturally we had established Two Knight Photography which combined all our people skills and technical abilities.

Richard has great spontaneity and enthusiasm and his nurturing and reassuring influence is the perfect combination for a successful wedding photographer. He will go to extreme lengths to capture an image and his creative eye and natural instinct for a shot, is outstanding.

Richard and Christina live in a traditional Devon ‘long house’ on the borders of Devon and Somerset, with a beautifully romantic one bed holiday let -if you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask – two labradors and eight chickens, together with a shared love of the countryside. Christina is passionate about everything Georgian, Richard anything Italian!

Our Fabulous View

Noodle & Biggles

Our Lovely Girls

As I turn the pages of our wedding album, a pressed confetti petal falls to my feet and there we are, taken straight back to our incredible wedding day. Perhaps that’s why we feel so passionately about photography. Photographs have the power to transport you back to when, just as you were.

We married in stunning Sicily, such a romantic and vibrant island and it’s where we saw high up in a narrow street a beautifully tiled inscription that resonated with us. It read:

Il tempo e l’essenza della vita, fa tesoro di ogni istant


Time is the essence of life; treasure every moment.

The Best Day Ever

You now know about our chemistry, tell us about yours…!


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